Eucalyptus Honey raw and pure


Eucalyptus honey is harvested from Maroun al Ras, Lebanon.

Those who favor light, sweet varieties like orange blossom honey may find eucalyptus honey too strong for their taste. In fact, the difference between those varietals and eucalyptus is usually obvious as soon as you compare the jars; eucalyptus honey is normally dark brownish-orange or dark amber rather than a light amber color, and normally dull rather than translucent.

Unlike most honey varieties, eucalyptus honey contributes more than just sweetness when used in the kitchen. It can be added as a sweetener for tea, of course, but it will add its own rich flavor instead of simply replacing sugar.

Most honey has natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiseptic properties. But the eucalyptol compound that gives eucalyptus honey) its trademark aroma and taste is a potent anti-inflammatory on its own – adding to the medicinal power of this honey.

Eucalyptus honey is often used with great effectiveness to treat coughs and colds as well as upper respiratory infections; some studies have shown it to be more effective than cough syrups for sore throats, the menthol-like properties of eucalyptus makes it an excellent decongestant, and it has strong expectorant power to clear mucus. Some believe that eucalyptus honey may eventually be proven as a first-line treatment for more serious respiratory diseases.