Orange Blossom Honey 390g
Orange Blossom Honey 390g

Orange Blossom Honey 390g

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Orange blossom honey is harvested from Tyre, Lebanon.

Sweet and relatively thick, orange blossom honey is one of the best honey varietals you can add to tea, drizzle over granola or spread on toast.

Orange blossom honey has a  beautiful light amber color, although it can range more toward a water white color when there’s little or no other citrus nectar used to produce it. Don’t be surprised if your orange blossom honey crystallizes extremely quickly, because it has very high glucose content. A gentle warm water bath will restore the honey to its liquid state.

Well, its sweetness makes orange blossom an outstanding honey for eating straight out of the jar. If you’re trying to get a better idea of its sweetness, it’s definitely sweeter than wildflower honey.

Spreading orange blossom honey on English muffins, French toast or pancakes is a recipe for a yummy breakfast or snack, but it’s just as delicious when paired with aged cheeses, used to sweeten baked goods, added to marinades, sauces and dips and of course, replacing sugar as a sweetener for tea or coffee.